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0000 EMD  Fuel System Services has been providing fuel and  tank cleaning services for over 20 years in Eastern North Carolina. We specialise in the maintenance of fuel day tanks of 1000 gallons or less in  marine and stand by generator industries. We offer mobile truck  service to your location on demand or on a  yearly contract basis. EMD offers high speed fuel cleaning down to 2 micron partical size and 100% water removal while returning close to 100% of the fuel back to storage.At EMD we target the root of the  problem, the deposits on the tank bottom. We also offer fuel rotation schedules for units that store fuel for long periods of time.This is a picture of what fuel polishing does, The fuel is from a 500 gal boat tank and is 18 months old, The pics are from fuel polishing samples taken @ 1 hour intervals.

Diesel  fuel tanks are very often the most neglected part of routine  maintance. Over time  diesel fuel will separate dropping the heavy   sediments to the bottom of the tank forming a sluge like film along  with water from condensation . In this water layer bacteria will  start to form along with acids that  combine  with the tar and wax  sediments from the fuel to form  a fuel line and filter choking problem,   greatly reducing the reliability of diesel power plants.

14Diesel power plants are very reliable providing they have a constant source of clean air and fuel. Diesel engines use very high pressure fuel injection systems to run. Most diesel injection systems rely on the  fuel flow to cool and lubricate the parts, when clogged fuel lines  and filters start to restrict this fuel flow and the acids from the fuel tank pit the close tolerance machined injection surfaces damage  will begin. As the injection system starts to fail poor injector  spray patterns lead to incomplete combustion forming hard carbon deposits on pistons and rings promoting premature cylinder ware and eventual engine failure. In a recent report the D.O.T states that 80% of diesel engine failures are linked to fuel tank contaminants along with fuel efficiency and air quality problems. These problems are  preventable with proper fuel system maintenance.

EMD Fuel System Services  provides clean fuel solutions for people who demand  diesel power plant reliability,
Proudly subcontracting for the U.S Dept of Home Land Security and The U.S Dept of Defence.

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